I’m Benji. This portfolio website is an accumulation of my favourite work from over the last few years while working as a freelance graphic designer.


I was born and raised in Shetland, north of the Scottish mainland. Creativity has always played a big part in my life, from early drawings, painting and making models, to crafting  landscapes and wooden swords.

In 2010 I attended Strathclyde University studying Product Design Engineering, graduating in 2015 with a 2:1 MEng degree. It was during this time that I was introduced to Adobe’s Creative Suite and developed a love of digital design. After graduation I took some time out to go travelling and worked within product design for a while. 

I continued to develop my skills with Adobe and develop my tastes and styles as a designer, and began doing odd bits for friends and family. The scale of the projects have continued to grow in recent years to include developing entire brands for companies and products. 

Looking Ahead

In the last couple years I have really found my stride with my design practice, getting a better sense of the kinds of work I enjoy and excel at creating. I have been studying or working in design for over 10 years now and have developed a very strong grasp of the design process and what is required to effectively see a project through from ideation and early research to finished product.

Personal development is a never-ending journey however and I believe that the best step for me at this time is to find a creative role as a graphic designer. Either at an agency or inhouse at a company where I can work with a greater range of clients and learn from more experienced colleagues. This portfolio of my work demonstrates a keen eye for design and creative composition and shows that I would be a strong asset to any creative team.  I am hard working and always eager to learn and develop my ever-expanding skillset.  

Hire me or I’ll never talk to you again.

© Benji Sansom